Aago 2

The movie ‘Aago 2’ is a sequel of the superhit movie ‘Aago’. The original movie, directed by Narayan Puri, was also the presentation Kisan Pokharel. The sequel is produced under the banner SKN Cinema. The producer is Karna Thapa (Kiran), story and the presentation of Kishan Pokharel, the executive producers are Bijay Lama and Gunaraj Rajbhandari. The music is composed by Bikash Chaudhary and Sachin Shia.

Apart from Sushil Chhetri, no other star cast of the original ‘Aago’ have repeated in the sequel. The original had impressive list of well known and popular actors like Bipana Thapa, Niruta Singh, Saranga Shrestha and Sunil Thapa.

In addition to the action star of Nepali film industry Sushil Chhetri, ‘Aago 2’ features actress Priya Rijal and actress Sarika Ghimire. Priya is known for her hot appearances in movies and music videos. Sarika is relatively a new actress in the film industry.

Director: Madhan Ghimire
Producer: Karna Thapa (Kiran)
Story& Presentation: Kishan Pokharel
Executive Producer: Bijay Lama / Gunaraj Rajbhandari
MUsic: Bikash Chaudary & Sachin Shia
Actors: Susil Chhetri, Priya Rizal, Ganesh Giri, Sarika Ghimire, Sundhar Shrestha, Radha Shrestha, Kishan Sunar, Gadesh Upretti, Hementa Buddhathoki, Susil Pokharel & Rabindra Khadka

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