Absolutely, Windows 11 has leak reveals new UI, Start menu, and further.

Does Microsoft's Windows 11 will probably look like Windows 10X?

Microsoft’s impending Windows 11 working framework has released online today. After screen captures were first distributed at Chinese webpage Baidu, the whole Windows 11 OS has seemed on the web, total with another UI, Start menu, and parcels more.

Absolutely, Windows 11 has leak reveals new UI, Start menu, and further.
The new Windows 11 UI.

The screenshots, posted to the Chinese Baidu site, feature characteristics of Windows 10X, including the gray background and the centered start menuWindows 10X leaked back in January (PCWorld tried it). Microsoft decided to shelve Windows 10X later in 2021, and the company said that it planned to consolidate various features into Windows.

This updated Start menu is improved on the form of what at present exists in Windows 10, without Live Tiles. It incorporates stuck applications, ongoing records, and the capacity to immediately close down or restart Windows 11 gadgets. It’s actually significantly more improved than what exists in Windows 10 today.

In the event that you don’t need the application symbols and Start menu focused, there’s a choice to move them all back to one side hand side. Combined with the dark mode that is additionally accessible, and Windows 11 begins to resemble a more refined form of Windows 10 than something significantly new.


You can move the Windows 11 Start menu to the left side.

While Microsoft dropped its Windows 10X working framework, the organization is plainly reusing enormous pieces of that work with Windows 11. Windows 10X was initially intended for double screen gadgets, prior to moving toward conventional PCs and afterward being dropped. Windows 10X incorporated various refined and improved viewpoints to Windows, and the greater part of that work is available in this spilled form of Windows 11.

Windows 11’s new snap feature.

Here we can notice a new icon in the Windows 11 taskbar, and it’s labeled Widgets in the operating system. Rumors have suggested Microsoft is bringing back Windows Widgets, and this early version appears to include some.

As this is vividly a very early version of Windows 11, the widgets aren’t loading fully in the OS, but they’re designed to slide out and provide immediate access to news, weather, and other web content.

Elsewhere, Microsoft has also included a new setup experience in Windows 11. It’s very similar to Windows 10X, walking users of new hardware or those upgrading to Windows 11 through a set of steps to configure Windows. This out-of-box experience also includes a new Windows 11 startup sound, which then triggers at every boot.

Microsoft is also improving the Xbox experience in Windows 11. The new Xbox app is now integrated into Windows 11, offering rapid access to Xbox Game Pass games, the social parts of the Xbox network, and the Xbox store. The Xbox Game Bar and Windows Game Mode all remain similar to Windows 10 in this early leaked build.

Microsoft is apparently upgrading its Windows application store to permit engineers to present any Windows application, including programs like Chrome or Firefox. Microsoft may likewise be thinking about permitting outsider trade stages in applications, permitting engineers to stay away from the cut Microsoft, for the most part, takes from in-application buy frameworks.

Microsoft has been dropping hints that it’s ready to launch Windows 11. The software giant is holding a special Windows event to reveal its next Operating System on June 24th. The event starts at 11 AM ET, and the event invite includes a window that creates a shadow with an outline that looks like the number 11. Microsoft execs have also been teasing a “next generation of Windows” announcement for months, and this leak now confirms that Windows 11 will be officially revealed later this month.

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