Sway of Corona

Shutter, door are shut down

Vehicles grounded in parking lots
Schools colleges break off…
Sense of being lonely in a locked room
Finding ways to abutting with families
Walking miles away in the dark night
Happiness of being together
Enjoying the mobiles phones/laptops
Lying down on the beds
Shrinking down the boat of economy
Tension reflecting on the forehead of parents
Happiness of being together turns down to the rigidity
Argue,fight,disagree,dispute frequently
Wanna acquire the whole world
No improvement rather than listening to the sarcasm of the society
Lots of houses are finished off
Corona please now knock off…

Srijana Paudel

Hello! I am Srijana Paudel from Pokhara, a geology student at PNC, Pokhara who believes that written and analytical skills are not only a fundamental part of academic excellence, but also the building blocks of critical thinking.

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