How to Self host Your Blog in Nepal – Quickly and easily

Self-hosting a blog may be quite tricky in Nepal. The price and services has a great differences. Here are some steps you could follow to get help yourself. Self- Hosting in Nepal can be done from:

  • Try to choose a good domain registrar fro free with good rating. I recommend Mercantile office systems. They have a good service at their fee. Also,  prabhuhost , himalayanhost , gurkhahost , compete at the rest.
  • Web hosting with them would be the best if done from Nepal. As per the requirement you can buy space.


But if you have a greater plan about building a huge website or blog then i recommend you to go for domain and hosting with the top platform mention below. But you need a paypal id and credit card.

  • Go to It is a good reputed company that offer domain registering. Godaddyis also highly reputed.
  • You can purchase hosting plans from either , HIMALAYANHOST.COM.  Both are the tough competitors IN NEPAL. they perform very well and most of the big websites are hosted there.

I hope you got a comprehensive concept about registering domain and hosting your blog in Nepal either manually or online. If you want my help then you can contact me by putting a comment in the box below.


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