Cinema's Greatest Spy to Hit the Screen Soon

The long awaited spy thriller is set to hit cinemas this November and the latest trailer will further amplify the heat for the action-packed movie.

In the explosive trailer wee get another sneak peek into the death defying chases, heroes, villains, intense dialogues and high flying submarine maneuvering into the sea. Customarily, this James Bond flick will again showcase stunning gadgets and technology to for a visual extravaganza.


This is the 25th installment in the glorious history of the franchise and will be Daniel Craig‘s fifth and final outing as the spy agent. As for the nemesis, Rami Malek‘s Safin will contest Bond with sinister technology while Christopher Waltz will reprise the famous antagonist Blofeld. Actresses Lea Seydoux and Ana De Armas will heat up the glam and Ben Wishaw‘s Agent Q will equip the protagonist with latest technology to embark on adventure.

As for the theme song, the franchise has hooked pop sensation Billie Eilish. the 18 year old singer’s sound track is aptly titled No Time to Die. It is a perfect mixture of Bond’s classic darkness and melody.

The film scheduled for its initial release on November 12 in the United Kingdom then on November 20 in the United States.

Billie Eilish’s ost for No Time to Die


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