KP OLI to hold mass gathering in Narayanhiti today

Analysts find it a mockery of the constitution and democracy

In what his faction of the Nepal Communist Party says is a “show of strength”, it has planned a mass gathering in Kathmandu on Friday. And the venue the party has selected is Durbar Marg, the Capital Kathmandu’s posh downtown in front of the former palace of the monarchs.
Political analysts say Oli of late has been making every attempt to win over the pro-Hindu, pro-monarchy constituency and his party’s plan to hold a mass gathering in front of the former royal palace just buttresses that theory, even though some may call it a conspiracy.
“There is a symbolic meaning in holding the gathering at Durbarmarg,” said Surendra Labh, a political commentator. “His visit to Pashupatinath temple to offer a special puja, his declaration that he will turn Ayodhyapuri in Chitwan as Hindu pilgrimage and now a gathering of his party in the Narayanhiti area indicate that he is in a bid to woo the pro-Hindu, pro-monarchy constituency.”
By his own admission, Oli is trying to counter the Dahal-Nepal faction by organising the gathering.


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