India exceeds Brazil and is in Second place with more than 90 thousands Covid cases per day.

India a new global hotspot?

India exceeds Brazil and is in second place with more than 90 thousand COVID cases per day.

India is in second place as it records 90 thousand new coronavirus infection on last Sunday after exceeding brazil. Currently, India has 4.28 M cases with 3.32M recovered, and 73 k deaths 90,802 new cases are registered till 10 PM local time on Tuesday.

US has the most known cases till now with 6.2 million  COVID cases and 190 thousand deaths.20,850 cases are registered on Monday.

Brazil has 4.15 million cases with 3.36 million recovered and 127 thousand death. However, the new cases have greatly reduced in the last few days with 10,273 new cases registered on Tuesday with an emerging ray of hope in Brazilians.

As per current statistics, the strict measures are to be taken so that the world will be free of this infection very soon.

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