Astronomer Photographer of the Year Award 2020: Andromeda constellation photo wins first prize.

Nicolas Lefaudex has won the 'Insight Investment Astronomy Photographer - 2020' award for his photographs of the Andromeda galaxy.

Ed Robinson, the competition’s judge, said: “For many of us, our nearest neighbor, the galaxy Andromeda, may seem far away, but a photograph of it showing that it is within our physical reach is truly magical. ” To show a special effect called tilt-shift, the French photographer used a 3D printer to point the camera at a certain angle to the telescope.
The opacity of the shore creates the illusion of being nearby, while the constellation is two million light-years away.
Winners of other titles, including details provided by the competition organizers:
Aurora: The Green Lady, photographer-Nicholas Roemmelt, Germany
Aurorae category winner: The Green Lady by Nicholas Roemmelt (Germany)
Best New Photographer: Waves, Photographer – Bence Toth Hungary
Sir Patrick Moore prize for best newcomer: Waves by Bence Toth (Hungary)
Our Moon category: Tycho Crater region with colors. Photographer – Alain Paillou, France
Our moon winner: Tycho Crater Region with Colours by Alain Paillou (France)
Our Sun category: Liquid Sunshine Photographer – Alexandra Hart, UK
Our sun winner: Liquid Sunshine by Alexandra Hart (UK)
People and Space category: The Prison of  Technology. Photographer – Rafael Schmall, Hungary 
People and space winner: The Prison of Technology by Rafael Schmall (Hungary)
Planets, comets and asteroids category: Space between us, photographer – Lukasz Sujka, Poland
Planets, comets and asteroids winner: Space Between US… by Łukasz Sujka (Poland)

Skyscapes Category: Painting the Sky, Photographer – Thomas Kast, Germany

Skyscapes winner: Painting the Sky by Thomas Kast (Germany)

Stars and Nebulae: Cosmic inferno Photographer – Peter Ward, Australia

Stars and nebulae winner: Cosmic Inferno by Peter Ward (Australia)

Young Category: Four Planets and the Moon, Photographer: Alice Fock Hang, France

Young competition winner: The Four Planets and the Moon ©Alice Fock Hang (Reunion), aged 11

Annie Mander Prize for Image Innovation: Dark River, Photographer – Julie F. Hill, UK

Annie Maunder prize for image innovation: Infrared Saturn by Julie F Hill (UK)

The winners of the Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2020 will be on display in an exhibition at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, London from October 23, 2020 to August 8, 2021.

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