Amazing Life Hacks Of Coca Cola, How useful is Coca Cola besides Drinking!!!!

Coca Cola is a carbonic acid used for drinking. Besides drinking, there are some amazing life hacks about Coca Cola which really makes you surprised. The life hacks about Coca Cola are:

1.       Chewing Gum Removal:

 If chewing gum is attached to any body parts or any materials, You can simply remove the chewing gum by washing it through Coca Cola.

2.       Hair Bleaching:

While coloring your hair, if it gets too dark which is unexpected by you, you can bleach the color completely or partially by washing the hair with Coca Cola.

3.       Pain Killer:

You can reduce the pain of insect bite or any type of burn using Coca Cola simply by putting a cotton soaked in Coca Cola in the affected area. The caffeine present in Coca Cola acts as an anesthetic substance and it reduces the pain and itching of your affected area.

4.       Bathroom Cleaning:

There is orthophosphoric acid in Coca Cola which dissolves limescale and other impurities present in the bathroom very well. You can  Use a sponge or sprayer to apply the liquid, leave it for several hours or, better still, overnight, and then wash it. The stains present in your bathroom are cleaned by Coca Cola.

5.       Fat Dissolution:

The acids and caffeine through which Coca Cola is made up of are good fat solvents which is why the drink can be used to wash dishes and kitchen surfaces. When you cover the utensils with Coca-Cola, leave for several hours, and then wash as usual, the stains and fats of the utensils are totally cleaned and the dish starts shining.

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6.       Coin Cleaning:

The tarnished coins  can be cleaned using Coca Cola by soaking them in a high narrow container filled with Coca-Cola. After 10-15 minutes, shake the containers and then wash the coins under running water. The coins then looks as if they are new.

7.       Rust Remover:

Coca-Cola reacts perfectly with rust, so it can be used to loosen rusted bolts, clean metal items, and solve other problems provoked by rust. You can do so by pouring Coca Cola on the affected area and rubbing with a sponge. If the rust is too old, you can use foil.

8.       Smell Purifier:

If there is smell like gasoline or gas on any object or anything, you can remove the smell by soaking them in a 1:1 mixture of water and Coca-Cola before washing. The drink will also help to remove fishy smells and other unpleasant odors.

9.       Pest Protection:

You can spray your garden crops with Coсa-Cola to protect them from insects. These are not chemicals, but a sugar syrup. It attracts red ants: the pests’ worst enemies. And if you have slugs in your garden, you can also get rid of them using Coca-Cola. Just pour some of the drink into saucers, and put them in different places.

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