Acid Attack: A global problem of many girls.

Acid attack has become a global problem, but there is a saying that an acid can destroy the face, not their dreams. They destroy their profile but not their imperishable soul.

She was a girl with a dazzling face,

shiny pearl eyes and a pretty smile.

She was leaving a life like a rainbow,

standing ahead with a glow.

She had a dream, goals, and ambitions,

she was on her way to fulfill the mission.

Enjoying her life, gifted by nature,

she was a girl with admiring features.

A black day came in her life,

she was a girl, to face that fright.

It’s a truth she had one eye and half the face,

ACID ATTACK ruined her beauty and stop the pace.

Whether it was revenge for a rejection or a family dispute,

whatever was the reason behind, one’s life was mute.

Still, she was beautiful with sparkling eyes

and admiring half-smile,

Although her face was half burned by the acid attack

her passion, dreams were still alive.

She was a girl with confidence and courage,

stepping ahead towards a new life.

She loves her life and feels proud to be who-

she was a girl- a wonderful girl!

                                                                                  – Anju Basyal





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