Rashila Tamang: 1 And The Only Inspiration to The Vision of Women’s Run.

Rashila Tamang: An teen's race, from amusing to acclaim, in Nepal's path and ultrarunning scene

As a piece of the Women’s Day occasion in 2015, a 16-year-old Rashila Tamang remained in the beginning line wearing pants and a shirt. She didn’t have legitimate running shoes and needed to acquire one from one of the hosts of the event. Running with the shoes bigger than her feet and garments not implied for running, Tamang came next, just behind Mira Rai.

“I thought it was a rally,” says Tamang. “But, everyone started to run. It was only 5 km, but it felt nice to run and come second.”

After that, a lot of changes appeared. Rashila Tamang who takes run as fun has become a public figure as well as an inspiration to girls of Nepal. A common mountain girl has become a well-known personality in the field of Ultra-race.

Rashila Tamang: Approaching near to her dream.

A resident of Dhunibesi (Dhading), a village 21 km west of Kathmandu, Tamang’s training to be a trail runner was started early at a young age. She came into belief in her running ability after completing the 10th grade in school and stood first at a 12km running event at the Himalayan Outdoor Festival. 

 Tamang has been involved in trail running since 2015.

In 2020, she had no expectations of beating her timings she had set in 2019. She needed to fit the bill for the UMTB and rival global sprinters. Be that as it may, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, her arrangements must be required to be postponed.

“I took a course to turn into a journeying guide alongside a stone climbing guide. Add to that, I’ve additionally taken an essential seminar on the salvage.”

She trusts that 2021 will be better. She needs to run more and fit the bill for occasions that she has consistently longed for running. She additionally feels that the path running situation in Nepal can improve and trusts that 2021 can be the year when the country appreciates the game and expectation she and other people who are in the game can make individuals glad.

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